About Us

The Story

of Verre-d’Or starts in autumn 2015.

As the manager of the gilder workshop margó in Solingen, I had just completed a contract for a large mirror wall and was in search of special types of glass that would enable me to refine the technique of reverse glass gilding or in French, Verre Églomisé. I was particularly interested in custom-made types of glass with various décors, which would create the prerequisite for me to meet the even more discerning customer requirements. Especially the so-called muslin glass was on top of my list.

After extensive research, I finally found the Atelier für Glaskunst und historische Gläser in Freiburg in the Breisgau. The owner, Rainer Fiolka-Pitschat, spontaneously sent me a few samples from his manufactory. I immediately began to refine the hand-made samples using the technique of Verre Églomisé and I was thrilled with the initial results. In particular, the different effects of bright and matt gold created by fine sandblasting were amazing.

Muslin glass ¹
Muslin glass ²
Glue chipped glass

Soon after, a first meeting took place in Freiburg. It quickly became clear to us both that our crafts would complement each other perfectly. Above all, the possibility of customising individual glass modules and their décor to measure opens up unprecedented perspectives, not least thanks to the use of state-of-the-art equipment. This is complemented by other historical techniques such as the in-house production of glue chipped glass with its fascinating details. As a special feature, we developed a combination of glue chipped and muslin glass, which we introduced to our manufactory as a unique selling point. Not to forget Rainer Fiolka-Pitschat’s extensive sample book of partly patented ornaments, explicitly from the Gründerzeit era.

Our Philosophy

In an effort to unite tradition and modernity under the banner of the Arts & Crafts movement, the traditional craftsmanship of Verre d’Or is combined with innovation, imagination and creativity.

Logically enough, our motto is:

“Old heritage. New legacy.”

After all, the craft currently sees a true blooming period, a fact that – paradoxical as it may sound at first – is also and above all due to the dawning of the “Digital Revolution”. Because: As the age of digitisation progresses, a longing for the tangible and authentic also gains momentum, virtually as a reflex.

For us as a manufactory, the key lies in the search for those attributes that threaten to become more and more scarce in the fast pace of the digital age, such as value retention and the sensual experience of haptic qualities.

With a constant focus on the individual needs of our customers, we believe that contemporary design requires a philosophy built on the foundations of traditional knowledge and innovative change in order to develop creations that justify the use of valuable resources and which last over time independent of short-lived trends.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas of your own? Then feel free to contact us and we will provide you with a solution customised to your personal needs.

Your message to us: info@verredor.de