Detailansicht der Spiegelelemente in Verre églomisé Technik gefertigt

Ballroom Hotel Adlon Berlin

Source thumbnail: Hotel Adlon Kempinski


Classic elegance


Following extensive renovation work, the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is adding another chapter to its glorious history with the reopening of the historic ballroom in September 2018. Once again, the expertise and craftsmanship of Verre d’Or was drawn upon.


Side view with Bel Etage

The Berlin Grandhotel Adlon’s new ballroom captivates with a harmonious interplay of architecture, interior design and interior, whilst also creating the venue’s unique spatial experience. Here, the carefully selected materials are eye-catching. The finely tuned design elements and accessories are complemented by four custom-made Verre d’Or mirror walls.

Frontal view, left side of the ballroom.

Each of the characteristic 4.10 x 1.49 metre wall decors consists of 21 elements and, as desired, has a semi-matt surface that both picks up on and underlines the sensual decorative note of the hall.

View of right side with light reflection

From the first idea to the final realisation, a multi-stage, complex production process is required, in the course of which sheets of 16 x 16 cm wafer-thin beaten aluminium are individually applied by hand using the Verre Églomisé technique, and in the first application are lightly “torn” with the fingertips. This is followed by tinting with an umber tincture before two further layers of aluminium sheets are applied to obtain a closed surface.

Bottom view

The manually performed steps involved in the manufacturing process ensure that no two mirrors are alike. Seen from a distance, the glass works appear almost identical; only upon closer inspection do they reveal the aura of the unique specimen.

In the detailed photograph shown here, the fine marbling, sometimes reminiscent of craquelé, which runs through the entire surface of the mirror panels, becomes particularly clear.

Detailed view of the surface

It is this ghost-like structure that sets this commissioned work apart from traditional mirror designs and gives the Verre d’Or designed furnishing solution a modern twist.

Photos : Leon Sinowenka
Text author: Stephan Radtke